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British MotoGP 2014


Hertz was the title sponsor for the British MotoGP 2014 where I took creative lead in building the conceptual work to define the creative route across all touch points. Having received a variety of marketing opportunities throughout the event, with track branding (both static and digital), bridge designs, podiums, merchandise, official event programme insert, social media activity, and direct site banners, I managed the production, trafficking and creative sign off on all deliverables.

During the event I worked with a number of partners to strengthen the presence of Hertz with Mercedes, Nissan and BMW providing marketing assets and cars for the event, to Silverstone and MotoGP14 aiding our experiential hub, the ‘Hertz GameZone’ for spectators to come play the MotoGP PS4 game and bike stimulators, promoting the game, along with Hertz key products.