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Display Guidelines

To ensure we maximised speed for delivery, resource and maintained consistency, I built a full suite of 11 digital display guideline templates across desktop and mobile. Each specification was future proofed to handle all client requirements across all products and services. These templates have made a big improve to the day to day workload, and allowed the wider teams; designers, accounts and clients to maintain guidelines, and productivity.
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Dream Collection

The Dream Collection brief was a fascinating project to work on as I worked closely with several departments and agencies to define a new look and feel to launch this new product. The creative challenge was to produce a new creative style that can elevate the product and I played a key role in providing creative direction for designers and the agency to produce a strong creative solution. To launch the product Hertz and Jaguar built a co-marketing agreement to support the launch of the Jaguar F-TYPE coupe (working with Mercedes in the UK to promote the SLK AMG). I represented the creative discussion on behalf of Hertz with the car manufacturers to ensure all UPS where being meant along with key branding messages.
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Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection was first launched in 2001 and has since been through several creative refreshes, with no defining brand identity and so when the brief came along to create a new look and feel it was a key objective for me to build a strong character for the product. Hertz have a co-marketing agreement with Mercedes to push this product and this worked as a base for me in defining a creative direction and support the key designers, and agency to build a toolkit of creative deliverables across Europe. Since launching the new brand identity for the Prestige Collection, Hertz has gone on to produce local campaigns with several car manufacturers following the new creative style and thus achieving my initial objective for consistency and following a strong brand identity.
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Thrifty Brand Guidelines

Thrifty Car Rental was historically known as an American brand with very minimal presence in Europe. The brand is very dated in design style and character and needs to be modernized. I’ve built, designed and written the entire Brand Guidelines from defining the new tone of voice, creating a series of image guidelines, setting the logo style sheet, to colour palettes, fonts, design templates for print and digital assets along with signage and location guidelines. Thus evoking a new character to the brand to target the desired audience. Since building the Thrifty Brand Guidelines I have gone on to build key marketing collateral to ensure the brand has a base set of assets to work with.
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